Self healing concrete and concrete repair 

Concrete is a composite material that used extensively as foundation for superstructure applications to infrastructure construction and architectural features. However, causes of damage to concrete are vary and often lead to safety and maintenance cost concerns. 

We offer innovated concrete material with self healing capability. The self healing bio-concrete is the technology involves mixing micro-organisms into concrete, that produce limestone when exposed to water via cracks. The technology was developed by Delft University of Technology that based on mixing make the nature of self healing on existing or new concrete that given the capability to improve the concrete durability and its comprehensive strength. 

At Current, we foster environmental-friendly notion and productivity development in cement and concrete industries and thrive to achieve green concrete through range of self healing and concrete repair products.

  • Self-Healing Agent

  • Self-Healing Repair Mortar

  • Liquid Repair System



A technology creation of  biologically produce limestone to heal cracks that appear on the surface of concrete structures


Self-healing agent

A biodegradable polymeric mineral precursor  and bio-based enzymatic catalyst perform as permanent sealing for cracks up to 1mm wide due to concrete compatible limestone formation



Self-healing repair mortar

A one component repair mortar based on biodegradable granular additive that contains natural enzymes for repairing of spalling concrete



Liquid repair system

A two component low viscosity color and virtually adorless organic solvent-free enable sealing of up to 0.8mm wide cracks. Serving as permanent and waterproofing cracks sealant.