Innovative mechanized parking system

Mechanized Parking Systems (MPS) is a smart parking system utilizes automation technology to increase space efficient in a congested parking footprints. 

At Current, we are the solution for development of innovative parking system over traditional garages. Benefits of MPS classified into 7 main elements:

  • Space and cost saving

  • Low operational, construction and finishing costs

  • Decrease environmental impact

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Eco-friendliness and sustainable

  • Safe and secure

  • Cutting edge parking concept

We offer wide range of system types to customize customer requirements.

Rotary system

Rotary system is a cost-efficient system that allows for a parking capacity of up to 16 lots on small footprint of 2 parking lot, approximated at 32sqm. This system is ideal for areas with very limited space.

Tower system

Tower system makes use of an elevator to lift the cars to their designated level and slots the vehicle laterally onto the adjacent lots. With relatively low running and maintenance costs, the Tower system is ideal for deployment within high-density build-up areas with limited areas, manoeuvring space and low tolerance levels for noise.

Cart system

Cart system is a highly efficient, quick and flexible mechanized parking system that designed to enable automatic transfer of cars between lifts, transporting carts and parking slots over multi parking levels. Each module comprises of lift, turntable, cart-way and parking pallets.

Pit system

Pit system is a hydraulic car stacker system that allows for parking underground. The car lift moves platforms up or down allowing independent parking and retrieving of cars.

Puzzle system

Puzzle system offer great flexibility and a variety of parking configurations, making efficient use of valuable floor space, which makes it perfect for small to medium scale deployment. Puzzle creates multiple entries on the ground level to be able to efficiently park as many vehicles as possible within its footprint. Systems above ground can also be deployed in both indoor and outdoor environments.​​​