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Urban Structure & Technologies Seminar 2019

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Singapore Concrete Institute in association with the Housing and Development Board selected a series of seminar topics that enable industry players to provide valuable knowledge sharing and updated information. Structural and Civil Engineers, Architects, Practitioners, Concrete Technologists, Ready Mix Suppliers, and all those involving in the Construction Industry and invited to attend.

Current Pte Ltd collaborate with Basilisk for Self Healing Concrete product enhancement in Singapore

Self Healing Concrete for Green Building Materials

Civil engineering and building projects are now much easily managed, planned and executed due to various new innovations. Nowadays, civil engineering and building is not confined to structural constructions and architectural designs. Engineers around the globe are continuously putting their efforts in green innovation projects and sustainable building which have many economic, social and environmental benefits. At this seminar we will present some seminar topics on emerging technologies and sustainability and maintenance/repairs in the field of construction.

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