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Collaboration with LTA to enhance road safety in Singapore

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Land Transport Authority (LTA) trialing roller barrier system to reduce forecast level of road traffic accident. A 230km of roller barrier system has installed along a stretch of the slip road between Pan-Island Expressway (Tuas) to Bukit Timah Expressway (woodlands).

Current Pte Ltd thrive to joint force with local authorities and agencies to adopt technology principle of road safety systems to curtail forecast level of road traffic accidents.

The roller barrier system is certified as safe and effective tested in other regions such as Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, United States and other western countries. This roller system design in bright yellow-color with high intensity reflective sheeting enable to strengthen the road user visibility during day and night.

The system are manufactured with strong and soft product specification given the means to absorb high impact crash delivered by motorist. The flexibility of its rolling design allows redirection of vehicles to return back to its road lane upon collide into the roller barrier system and converting the impulse energy to rotational energy simultaneously.

2 years trial is held to study the effectiveness of the roller barrier system

Inconjuction to Singapore effort to foster road safety principles, the local authority partnership with Current Pte Ltd to work towards achieving its goals. LTA is trialing the roller barrier system at its selected slip road between PIE (Tuas) to BKE (Woodlands) due to the high occurrence of vehicles crashing the guardrail. With the installation of roller barrier system it will help to minimize the extend of injuries that might occur to road users if collision happens. Following the trial, LTA to analyse if the roller barrier system can be installed to more geographic locations.

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