Safe and sustainable permanent formwork structures 

We are the master distributor for the internationally-patented Dincel Construction System (DCS), a waterproofing permanent formwork system that improve productivity by 30% to 50%. The flexible Dincel formwork allows wide range of designs and applications in construction of vertical elements for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. DCS attained production quality certification of ISO 9001 and awarded as Singapore Green Building Product certified by Singapore Green Building Council. 

At Current, we thrive to promote health, safety and environmental awareness in construction industry.


Wide range of length, thickness and accessories

Permanent formwork system with patented 

waterproofing joints.


Customized lengths from 1.8m to 8m and 3m to 6m. While available thickness range from 110mm to 275mm, given the accessibility of maximum building height up to 60 storeys

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Lightweight and high 

productivity performance 

The DCS formwork is a 13kg/panel lightweight pieces utilizing snap-on connection concept that allows safer and faster construction process. 

DCS provides functional and aesthetically appealing building architectural designs with maximum time and cost savings of 30% to 50% 


Safe and strong formwork


No tying of rebars at every spacing are required as the DCS formwork only requires top rebars to be secures using REO clip. The system make the overall construction time faster and labor cost effective. 




Flexible and adaptability 

structural design

​Flexible for straight, curved and slanted walls design, it helps to eliminate common architectural dimension errors and minimal onsite wastage