Technologies for Smart Nation advancement

Digitization and connectivity is essential to drive toward Smart Nation vision. The adoption and development of ecosystem is used in connecting physical objects through smart system to perform active data connectivity across major infrastructure projects in various fields.


At Current, we offer scalable connectivity technologies that encourage effortless automation system, productive and long term cost effective.


Our solution includes:

  • ETI roller barrier system​​

  • Traffic control system

  • Smart road system



LTA trial roller barrier system to enhance safety on bends

Innovated rolling barrier system for safer road is introduce by its advantages of soft and strong characteristics. When a car hits the rolling barrier, it leads the vehicle to the driving direction and converting the impulse energy to rotational energy at the same time. 


We collaborated with LTA to install 2-years trial of roller barriers along 230m strip of road between Pan-Island Expressway (Tuas) and Bukit Timah Expressway (Woodlands)

Image by Steve Long

Flexible traffic management system for safer and smarter control

A software platform configured with control algorithms to reckon traffic duration on real time traffic environment scenario. 

3 algorithm systems:

  • Adaptive optimization - provide real time traffic data

  • Local optimization - adjust traffic light based traffic volume and local dynamic control

  • Green wave optimization - provide right plan to optimize the green wave based on real-time traffic flow or a time schedule.

Image by Joey Kyber

Smart road system as baseline for safer and intelligent roadways

Innovative sensing technologies that place into roads to sense and extract comprehensive real time analytic data to increase road user's safety, increase clean energy consumption, promote sustainability road and traffic planning, through 3 features:  

  • API - provide access to traffic insight 

  • Cloud Control - provide real time data for immediate response

  • Sense X - connectivity service for connected and autonomous vehicles